Revenue Audit

Revenue Audit

Efficient Revenue Audit Services by Poole Audit

Poole Audit offers comprehensive Revenue Audit services designed to maximize efficiency and value for our clients. Our streamlined process ensures a thorough examination of revenue-related transactions while minimizing costs. Here's an overview of our Revenue Audit process.

  1. Partner Ballots and Communication: We initiate the audit process by sending ballots to all partners involved. This not only minimizes costs for our clients but also alerts working interest partners about the upcoming audit.
  2. Contract Terms Briefing: We conduct a thorough review of the relevant contract terms to establish a solid understanding of the obligations and entitlements outlined in the agreements.
  3. Customized Data Analysis: Our team reviews the Operator's well files and creates a tailored data analysis plan. This plan allows us to effectively interpret and distribute information obtained from the RADE.
  4. Compliance Review: We meticulously examine purchase statements to ensure compliance with contracts and production statements. Our review covers crucial aspects such as locations, pricing, deductions, and more.
  5. Consumables Reconciliation: We reconcile consumables like lease fuel, line loss, plant consumption, and other relevant items to ensure accurate accounting and eliminate discrepancies.
  6. Exception Reporting: We prepare an exception report detailing any findings and discrepancies. This report is sent to the client for approval before being shared with the Operator. Our commitment to transparency and collaboration ensures that all parties are well-informed.
  7. Closing Conference: A closing conference is scheduled with the Operator to discuss the audit findings and address any queries or concerns.

Extra Value Add Services Provided by Poole Audit:

  • Tracking File Maintenance: We maintain a comprehensive tracking file for our clients, documenting all audit exceptions for easy reference and follow-up.
  • Credit Confirmation: We assist in confirming any granted credits, ensuring accurate accounting and financial transparency.
  • Post-Audit Support: Our services extend beyond the audit itself. We provide post-audit support, including resolution meetings and assistance with audit report rebuttals, to help resolve any outstanding issues effectively.

At Poole Audit, we strive to deliver efficient and comprehensive Revenue Audit services that bring significant value to our clients. Contact us today to optimize your revenue-related transactions and ensure compliance with contracts, all while minimizing costs and enhancing your financial transparency.


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