Construction Auditing

Construction Audits

Our specialized services help construction companies and project owners enhance financial control, mitigate risks, and optimize project outcomes. With our expertise in financial analysis and auditing, we provide thorough assessments to ensure compliance, identify cost-saving opportunities, and maximize efficiency. Discover how Poole Audit can support your construction projects for greater success.

At Poole Audit, we offer:

  • Financial Control Assessments: Our experts review financial processes, budgeting, and cost management systems to ensure effective financial control throughout construction projects. We identify areas for improvement, optimize financial workflows, and enhance accountability.
  • Risk Mitigation Strategies: We analyze project contracts, change orders, and insurance coverage to identify potential risks and ensure appropriate risk mitigation measures are in place. Our audits help safeguard your construction projects from financial and legal challenges.
  • Cost and Performance Analysis: Our comprehensive audits evaluate project costs, including labor, materials, and subcontractor expenses. We identify cost-saving opportunities, assess project performance, and provide actionable recommendations to optimize financial outcomes.
  • Vendor Audit: Poole has extensive research in vendor audits and can provide in depth analysis of vendor compatibility and compliance.

By partnering with Poole Audit, you gain a trusted advisor who will enhance financial control, mitigate risks, and drive efficiency throughout your construction projects. Contact us today to optimize your construction operations and achieve greater success.


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