Joint Venture Audit

Joint Venture Audit

Poole Audit is a third-generation auditing firm that has been serving the Houston area since 1965, and in its current iteration since 1992. We have a team of dedicated personnel which on average have 15 years of experience in the industry. We conduct audits of all types which include construction projects, vendor audits, Joint Venture projects, M & A audits, revenue, and royalty audits with a wide range of cost types. In an average year, the Poole Audit team audits over $7 billion of assets with every type of cost, and hundreds of different contracts. In addition, our audit firm is one of the few companies which will provide post-audit resolution support. Many companies perform audits but do not provide additional assistance in resolving audits including conducting resolution meetings.

Poole Audit specializes in comprehensive Joint Venture Audit services, providing businesses with the tools and insights to maximize performance and ensure compliance within joint venture agreements. Our meticulous audit process helps identify potential risks, uncover operational inefficiencies, and optimize financial outcomes. With our expertise in financial analysis and auditing, Poole Audit is your trusted partner in enhancing joint venture operations. Discover how our Joint Venture Audit services can drive success and foster strong partnerships.

Joint Venture Audit Process-

  • Send ballots to all partners to minimize costs for client and alert working interest partners of the audit
  • Brief relevant contract terms
  • Review Operator’s well files and customize a data analysis plan to effectively interpret and disperse information from the JADE
  • Review vouchers for compliance with contracts, including but not limited to locations worked, hours worked, coding accuracy, supervision levels, etc.
  • Reconcile Tangibles & Consumables such as casing, fuel, water, sand, etc.
  • Prepare exception report and send to client for approval, then send the report and accompanying support to the Operator
  • Closing conference with Operator

Extra Value Add Services Provided by Poole Audit:

  • Tracking File Maintenance: We maintain a comprehensive tracking file for our clients, documenting all audit exceptions for easy reference and follow-up.
  • Credit Confirmation: We assist in confirming any granted credits, ensuring accurate accounting and financial transparency.
  • Post-Audit Support: Our services extend beyond the audit itself. We provide post-audit support, including resolution meetings and assistance with audit report rebuttals, to help resolve any outstanding issues effectively.


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