Poole Audit represents three generations of audit service providers, handing down knowledge from Father to Son. Poole Audit continues to grow out of a reorganization of our second-generation audit firm Poole Auditing Consultants.

After retiring as CFO from Consolidated Offshore Corp. Poole International was created in 1982 by Bryan Poole and ten years later Poole Auditing Consultants came into being, led by Terry Poole. And now Terry and Evan Poole will be guiding Poole Audit through the next generation.

Our staff average time in industry is more than two decades. Beyond years of service our staff is a diverse group of smart people that we consider family. Camaraderie among our staff is one of the keys to our continued success. We are constantly working and training to improve performance, efficiency and effectiveness for our clients.

Our staff has extensive experience in the energy industry focusing on all aspects including the U.S. Domestic, Deep Water, Offshore, Onshore, Exploration and Production and Revenue as well as international operations.

We have extensive experience in the acquisition and divestiture market performing detailed analysis and confirmation all parts of the final settlement statement. We have developed audit programs specifically designed to efficiently and accurately resolve acquisition cutoff issues.

We have performed a complete reorganization of a trucking company. We resolved significant accounting, personnel and management issues. Settled outstanding payment and expense issues with owner operators. We wrote and implemented procedures and controls for management.

We were hired by a client that was purchasing an industry service company to perform their due diligence on the business. We audited their income and expenses, reviewed their service contracts. Reviewed tax returns and documented insurance coverages. We interviewed management and employees for information and the possibility of continued employment. We provided appraisal services to appraise all real property. And we inventoried equipment and materials.

We have experience providing litigation support, designing customized work and audit programs specific to the client’s needs. We cost effectively organizing and analyzing client records in preparation for filing and/or certification. Cost effectively process and organize large volumes of data. Perform onsite interviews of employees. We review, confirm and document processes and procedure. We review and confirm procedures and implementation of company drug testing policies. We perform onsite inventory of assets.

Audit of shipping industry docking fees and demurrage for numerous super tanker liftings from the west coast of Africa to the Gulf of Mexico.

Over the last four decades we have enjoyed performing many audit projects, consulting projects and special projects for our clients. If you need a cost effective, efficient, and effective firm to resolve your audit and consulting needs please give us a call.

Poole Audit provides joint interest audit services to the energy industry as well as audit and consulting services for all industries. We can customize an audit or work program to meet your specific requirements. Please contact Terry Poole or Evan Poole to solve your audit or consulting needs.

13030 Copeland Drive Houston,
Texas 77070

CEO: Terry Poole

(713) 206-9355

COO: Evan Poole

(281) 744-5261